TSS Green Policy

Over the years, Telephone Support Systems has taken a less is more approach by minimizing waste, reducing energy consumption, using recycled materials and representing other "Green Minded" organizations.  A few examples include:



Toshiba's telecommunication products are built with Green in mind.  Toshiba has a long and storied history of thoughtful, environmentally conscious products, ECPs.  ECPs is an eco-friendly program that aims to double the environmental performance of all Toshiba products by 2010.  Toshiba's Telecommunications Division is dedicated to making incremental improvements in our manufacturing process and to designing ECPs with minimal environmental impact.  Going above and beyond by diligently following the guidelines established by the WEEE and RoHS Directives.



CBeyond's vision to combine the power of innovation with collaboration to create the most sustainable model for addressing global climate change.  CBeyond believes that the network can become a "green platform" for technology to help transform how we manage environmental challenges.  Collaborating with companies like Cisco CBeyond was involved in the CBeyond/Cisco Going Green Event educating businesses on the importance of this movement.



Paetec 's Green Initiative created a nationwide "Green Team" to reduce Paetec's environmental impact.  Team members are employees who volunteer their time to research and implement projects that promote environmental sustainability in ways both big and small.  Projects include electronic recycling programs, investigating the use of hybrid fleet vehicles, deploying Energy-Star complaint appliances and exploring the purchase of renewable energy sources such as geothermal, solar and wind.



Go Green!