TalkumentOaisys Talkument does for phone calls what e-mail did for letters and memos, with the same benefits to productivity and accuracy.  A voice document captures a digital copy of telephone calls for users to comment upon, share and retain.  


Oaisys Talkument is an amazing quality control and training tool.  Protect your staff and clients by eliminating miscommunications. 


Spot Light For Your Industry

Medical Office


TalkumentQuality Assurance - Allows you to trouble shoot miscommunications and better coach your staff.

Patient Relations - Improves customer service and allows staff to "go back" and retrieve missed or missing information.

Insurance Reimbursement - Documents insurance approvals and payment promises, speeding up claims and clearing up disputes.

Office Operations - Distractions in busy medical offices sometimes cause staff to miss key information.  Talkument provides a tool that allows staff to obtain that information without having to call the patient back.

Scheduling Management - Solve disputed appointment changes and cancellations.

Superior Usability - Talkument looks and acts much like Microsoft Outlook simplifying integration and staff training. 

Industry Validation - Recommended by the Physicians Office Managers of America.


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