National Accounts
Are You Looking For a Business Communications Solution?
If your company has multiple locations and you want to standardize your business communications system throughout your organization, you face a series of challenges. Fact is you need more than uniform, high-quality communications equipment. You also need a simple, reliable approach to select, purchase, install and service that equipment – no matter where your offices are located.

Toshiba National Accounts Program is the Answer
Telephone Support Systems has been invited to participate in Toshiba’s National Accounts Program. The National Accounts Program makes managing your present and future business communications needs easy, cost-effective and efficient.

Nationwide Dealer Network
Toshiba distributes its business communication products through a comprehensive network of 400 factory-trained authorized dealers, like us, located throughout the U.S. With over 800 branch sales and service facilities, this network is unequaled in the telecommunications industry. Only those dealers who have demonstrated the highest level of sales, support and services are invited to deal directly through Toshiba. Through the National Accounts Program, Telephone Support Systems will be assigned as your Originating Dealer, a local point of contact. We are dedicated to servicing your company’s business communications and voice processing needs with immediate service and support.

Single Point of Contact
As a National Account customer, Telephone Support Systems will become your National Account Coordinator. We will facilitate smooth order processing and efficient communication for all of your locations. Whether you’re upgrading your offices or equipping a new one, Telephone Support Systems will be there to manage shipping, design, installation, training, ordering and invoicing. This ensures that your new business communication systems are up and running quickly and efficiently. Uniform Equipment and Labor Pricing
Upgrading your existing offices or equipping new ones requires extensive planning and budgeting. Telephone Support Systems helps by supplying pre-set equipment and labor costs and convenient pricing and configuration sheets. As a result, you’re able to project purchases and installation costs quickly and accurately for any location in the U.S.

No Down Payment
Toshiba requires no up front payments from their National Account customers. Their unique pay-as-you-go program reduces your initial capital outlay and helps you manage costs.

Flexible Financing
Toshiba offers their National Account customers a variety of financing options, including leasing and third party financing. This enables you to choose the financing option appropriate to your capital planning objectives.

Equipment Standardization and Reliability
Standardizing your business communication equipment throughout your organization is the best way to ensure products compatibility and ease of use. Your employees will be able to travel from one office to the next and use their telephones without confusion. And by choosing Toshiba’s key, PBX or voice processing/automated attendant systems, you’ll be purchasing products that lead the industry in quality, performance and reliability.

National Accounts Plus One Service Program
This program provides after warranty service, parts and labor to all National Account locations throughout the nation. It provides a single point of contact for service coordination, all service calls, 24 hours a day with full coverage to include adds moves and changes.

The Toshiba National Accounts Program offers you an unsurpassed combination of high quality business communication systems, simplified purchasing, installation and service, and standardized equipment, paperwork and pricing. Compare it to any program of its type in the country. Then join us as another satisfied customer of the best National Accounts program in the business.

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